About me

I decided to write the book ‘ONE’ because I felt there was a genuine need for it, and in the hope and belief that people may benefit. Whether it be by way of curiosity or a deep seated need to further their understanding of the subject matter covered within the pages of ‘ONE’.  You could call this my contribution to my fellow man.

I have lived in London all of my life.  I am a creative and have been writing songs and producing music since a young age.  I have had many creative careers to date, including working as a cameraman for TV, producing music for TV and working on my own music and film projects.  I have had my music signed by record labels and publishing companies for commercial uses along with selling my own CD’s, vinyl records/digital downloads, and have had exposure for lots of my work, but along with the successes, I have also had many failures.

Like most people, I have had unfortunate events in my life, some of which have put me on an interesting path, one which was not easy and sometimes actually traumatic but which helped me to gain understanding and higher knowledge of the kinds of questions we all eventually ask ourselves in life and to which we struggle finding answers.  There seems to be a wealth of books and websites about life, the universe and everything, but very little which cohesively explains in a way which all can relate to.

I have now reached a place where I believe I am ready to share with you these profound thoughts and answers.  

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