About the book


ONE, Is a book that firstly, will take you on a short journey though some of the events in my life, which will then go on to describe how I eventually came to accessing this level of understand about things in our world & universe.

Secondly what led me to writing this book about previously unanswered questions that most of us ask, like what is God, what were the Pyramids made for, along with many more topics like, where do we all come from and also what is Déjà Vu.

After reading the book you will find out how I have made significant links between almost everything that is written regarding these topics, along with examples that you will most likely be able to relate to in your own lives.

To my knowledge, after asking people about these topics, I have found that there seems to be no such book currently giving this information, as clearly or as accurately as I have tried to write.    

The book “ONE”, Is very easy to read and is also very clearly written so that you, the reader will be able to make sense of every subject I have written about.

I have managed to gather this information from my own answers and understanding, I have not taken or learnt any of the information in the book from any other sources except my own mind.

I did however ask some people what their views were, and what they currently knew about some of these subjects after I had written the book. I did this to make sure that people had not yet heard the things I had written about. 

I believe that nobodyelse has covered the subjects in this book. 


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